Stop wasting your tokens!

This is not how you’ll change the world!

There are hundreds of ICOs running at the moment and almost all of them give away between 3 and 5% of their tokens (from $50,000 to $500,000) via airdrops to acquire large amounts of followers not necessarily interested in the projects. Most bounty hunters even do not use their tokens after the ICO, since they forget they have applied for them.

Meanwhile there are so many people and causes in need around the world. While tokens worth of $8-10 won’t change the ordinary bounty hunter’s life, they may change everything for people in real need.

Noble Airdrops

Noble airdrops is an organisation connecting charity causes with upcoming and running ICOs.

We choose ICOs that we like and convince them to choose a cause on our platform and pledge an amount* of their own tokens, allocated for bounty and airdrop and promise to transfer it to the cause’s wallet at the moment or after the crowdsale.

In return, the ICOs receive: a place for their logo on our website, an announcement article for the partnership and an interview with representative of the team in our News section.

*There is no requirement for the amount, but it should be worth at least a couple hundreds of dollars.

Who is behind Noble airdrops?

Hello, there. My name is Ivan Manchev and I am a young marketing and software project management professional, experienced in ICO promotion.

After keeping a close eye on the crypto industry for a while, I identified this opportunity to convince crypto project leaders to allocate part of their airdrop token budgets to meaningful causes.

I am officially standing behind the organisation because I want to eliminate the possibility of  any doubts that the project may turn out to be scam.

I have no formal relation to any of the projects listed on the website and I am supporting them purely out of my own intention.

If you want to propose a project to include on the website, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Ivan Manchev