Are you running an ICO?

Donate some of your community growth tokens

There are hundreds of ICOs running at the moment and almost all of them give away between 3 and 5% of their tokens (from $50,000 to $500,000) via airdrops to acquire large amounts of followers not necessarily interested in the projects. Most bounty hunters even do not use their tokens after the ICO, since they forget they have applied for them.

If you are running an ICO, you can get in touch with us and state your intentions to support any cause represented on the website.

In exchange, we will announce a partnership with your project, we will share your logo on our front page and we will write a short article interview with someone of your team

You are airdrop/bounty hunter and you have some spare coins?

You can donate some of your spare tokens

Some of the causes we present on the website support their own ETH wallets. If you wish, you can donate some of your tokens directly to the ETH wallets of the causes. We do not administrate the ETH wallets of the causes.

But some causes do not have ETH wallets at all?

Our initial idea was to generate ETH wallets for all causes that do not have their own, but since the crypto world is full of scam projects, we do not want to raise any doubts about our noble intentions.

We will generate ETH wallets for causes that do not have their own, but only after we gain credibility and attract respected partners to our organisation.

For now, what we are doing is getting in touch with causes and convincing them to open and administrate their own ETH wallets. We will publish all causes supporting their own ETH wallets on the platform.



Cool Earth saves at-risk rainforest and shields millions of acres of neighbouring forest. We put local people back in control, giving them the resources they need to keep their forest intact.

They promise that more than 90p in every £1 you donate will go straight to their projects.

You can now support the project with 4 cryptocurrencies.